the WANTactive Weekly Planner

Every Sunday, I look forward to what I’ve fondly named my “Sunday setup day.”

I’m sure you’re wondering, what is a Sunday setup? Well, my Sunday Setup is the few simple steps I hold myself accountable to weekly, to set up my goals going into a new week. By taking the time to map out my health goals, time, and obligations for the week, I set myself up for success with my time and my intentions.

Sunday is my setup day, but it doesn’t have to be yours. The idea is simply to pick one day of the week, to set up your weekly intentions. If you find you’re having trouble managing your health and wellness going into the week, try the few steps below to get your goals in line with your time.

  • Go grocery shopping for the week. By committing to a good grocery shop, you are setting up your food success for the week. Your fridge and pantry will be full, so you will have choices of what you want to make. MAKE A LIST. That way, you don’t head into the grocery store and leave with things you don’t need, or won’t use.
  •  Meal prep for the next few days. This goes hand in hand with the grocery shopping. Now that you have the food at home, you can prep your meals for the week. By having quick things to grab, you’re less likely to order in or grab fast food on the go.
  • Setting up a weekly calendar to keep track of whatever needs to get done and plans that you have. Looking at your week as a whole will help you prioritize your goals and make sure you have the time to do what you have planned. If you start to pencil in your appointments, meetings and plans, and start to realize it’s too much, you can shift things into the following week. Setting unrealistic goals gets discouraging and you’re more likely to give up than get through it all.
  • Make sure to set aside time for yourself throughout the week. It’s easy to forget to do, but if it’s pencilled in, you’re more likely to stick to it. Self care is the most important thing, and often something we forget to account for

Need an extra push to start planning for your successful week? I’ve put together a simple weekly planner to help you get started. Add in your goals and plans for the week, make a grocery list, add in time for yourself, but stick to it! This one pager will get you going in the right direction

the WANTactive Weekly Planner

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