Sley Like Bey

I love to dance. I always have. For years I took classes but stopped once I no longer wanted to be in a year end show. Montreal doesn’t have many options when it comes to drop in classes, so I am constantly on the lookout for ways to get back into it. This is when I discovered Beyography, a 2 hour tribute class offered in Toronto. I first heard about these classes from a coworker of mine who had gone a few times. Needless to say, I needed to try it. The issue was that the timing would never work. So I just kept checking for classes and crossing my fingers.

Finally, on my most recent Toronto trip, I was able to try a class and man, was it worth the wait! The routine was Run the World (epic!). For the first hour and 45 minutes or so, you’re taught all of the moves. I’m not going to pretend I looked like Beyonce, but it didn’t matter, I was hair flipping and loving life. The class was catered to all levels so I was able to follow along pretty easily. The teacher was great and took plenty of time to break everything down, and answer any questions that people had. Once everyone has been taught the full dance, the last minutes of the class are spent doing the full routine to music. I left the class on a total Beyonce high, ready to Run the World.

The great thing about Beyography is that they don’t only do Beyonce tributes. They’ve also done Bieberography and recently have started Rhythm Nation. If I lived in Toronto, I would definitely be making Beyography a regular stop on my workout routines.

Check out their facebook page to see some of their past classes, and the next time you’re wondering “What Would Beyonce Do?” go try a class and find out!



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