Raising the Barre @barre3 Toronto

one of the things I love about Toronto is the number of drop in work out classes available. You don’t have to be a member of a gym, or even know much about the city to find a fun workout in your area. Usually when I’m in Toronto I try to get a barre class in at Barreworks, but after a recent suggestion from my sister’s roommate (thank you!) I decided to change it up and try Barre3. It did not disappoint.

There were two things that really struck me about Barre3- the first was the class itself and the second was the staff. The class was a typical hour long  Barre class, but the music really kept you going. It was an upbeat mix of current pop and hip hop hits. Despite the planks, squats and dreaded medicine ball, you always found yourself dancing along to the beat. It made the shaking muscles that much more bearable.

For me the person teaching a class can either make or break a workout. Working out is always made more enjoyable by an energetic and motivating teacher. The teacher we had that day was not only full of energy, but was beyond nice. She took the time to remember people’s names and encourage them personally during the workout. If she saw that someone was struggling with a move, she would come over to help correct them so that they could get the most out of the class. It makes everyone feel better about themselves and more confident in the workout they are getting. It also encourages new comers to come back and keep working at it!

Currently they only have one location in Toronto, but are looking to slowly expand their business in the city. I would highly recommend trying one of their classes when you have the chance!



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