My Travel Grocery Haul

I always try to start off any travel work week with a grocery store haul! I work out of a lot of malls, and food court selections aren’t my favourite. Whenever I travel to Toronto for work, I try as much as possible to make a stop at Organic Garage. They have the best assortment of affordable health food, so I grab as many options as possible that will last me a few days. On my most recent trip, I had a super successful shop and I picked up a bunch of snacks, 2 lunches and food to make breakfast with each day. Everything was portable and small enough to fit in my hotel fridge if needed.

I picked up things that I knew would keep for a few days, were easy to make and quick to grab before leaving the hotel. Anything that takes too long to do, will likely get left behind, so don’t over complicate!

My shopping list included:

  • 4 apples- apples are amazing travel foods because technically, you don’t need to refrigerate them, and they’re the perfect snack to grab with no prep required
  • A container of raspberries (they were on sale!)
  • 2 Greenhouse Juice juices. Juices are an easy thing to grab and go while travelling. They’re also helpful in making sure you get a dose or two of vitamins you may be missing out due to the travel food you’re eating.
  • A bag of gluten free rolled oats. These are great for breakfast because all you need is water and a microwave! I grabbed the raspberries to be able to add to mine (they add a great natural sweetness)
  • 2 premade salad bowls
  • Popcorn, lentil chips and quinoa curls! We always snack during a busy work week like the one coming up, so at least this way the snacks are healthier!

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