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What Our Happy Clients Say

I worked with Michelle for 4 weeks and absolutely loved it! I've never had a personal trainer before so this was a completely new experience for me. She gave me a form to fill out and tailored the workouts to equipment I have and workouts that I like. Sessions were mostly strength based with small cardio bursts, which I'm all about. I've also taken her barre inspired classes and enjoy those as well! Michelle also created a meal plan for me, I've never followed a meal plan before but I stuck with this one and lost four pounds. She made herself available to me to via whatsapp to respond to any questions/concerns, which I really appreciated. I highly recommend seeing Michelle for her personal training and health coaching sessions!

- Cassie

I started following Michelle on insta, on her michlwellness account, since October-Novembre 2020! I started doing her low impact workouts and I saw a drastic change in my body. Since following her, I realised that low-impact workouts are great, as they get you the results you want while avoiding injuries. Michelle is very dedicated, energetic, and as a plus, she has great music. She knows what she is doing and she seems happy to share her love of working out with us. She offers a variety of low-impact exercises and her workouts are always different! Needless to say, her workouts are amazing! She makes working out fun! You should definitely give her workouts a try

- Olivia

I will!! Just so you know, you gave me the motivation to start taking better care of myself... I used to run and was always injured... so I stopped... I know that when I go back, my body will be stronger. And also, you made me enjoy training! My chiropractor is really happy to see the changes. Thanks!!

- Sylvie