Lagree Core

Raise your hand if you’ve tried Lagree. Well if you have, you probably can’t raise that arm because your muscles are still recovering from your workout. Kidding! (but not entirely) I discovered Lagree when the first studio of it’s kind was opening up in Montreal. I started to see posts and ads for this new workout and decided it was something I just needed to try. I figured since I am a huge pilates fan, this would combine the reformer work I was used to with a new spin. Lagree sounded like the perfect mix of the difficulty level I enjoyed from mat pilates with the incorporation of reformer resistance.

the classes are 50 minutes long and the goal of each exercise is not to do as many repetitions as you can, but to do each exercise as slowly as possible. each lower body move is held for 2 minutes, and each upper body move is held for 1 minute. all classes are a full body workout with a main focus on core. Lagree boasts the benefits of  a number of exercise options and encourages maximal exertion to promote effective muscle fatigue with no stress on the joints or the spine. The classes combine core, strength, cardio, balance and flexibility into each and every move. The slow-controlled movements, fast transitions from one exercise to the next, and high-level intensity allow you to maintain an elevated heart rate and keep you in the fat burning zone for the full class.

What’s really great about Lagree is always challenging, no matter how many classes you go to. No matter how may times you go,  you can challenge yourself with different resistance levels for each move you do, or how long you hold a pose for. The fun is in seeing yourself get stronger over time, and being able to hold the moves for longer, or stop using help for balance on certain exercises like lunges or squats.

Lagree has studios popping up all across North America. The results are amazing if you stick with it however it can be on the pricey side. I would recommend trying out a class or two before committing to a package.

For more information and classes in your area, Lagree studios can be found online and are listed by city.


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