Healthy Travel Series- St Augustine

I’ve recently started a new role at work that is going to increase my travel throughout the US. I already spend 1 week or so a month travelling throughout Canada, but the addition of the US portion is new for me. I have healthy work travel in Canada down to a science at this point, but the US side of things is going to be a whole new adventure. Some of the cities I’m travelling to don’t have easy access to my usual health hacks (good groceries stores surprisingly being one of the harder things to find) so I’m really going to have to get creative in my travels.

My first trip on this new adventure was to St Augustine Florida. The historic district of St Augustine is beautiful. It’s made up of quaint little streets filled with restaurants, coffee shops and a variety of souvenir destinations. Fortunately, there are plenty of restaurants to choose from that do cater to a variety of eating preferences. So what’t the problem then?

Well, my job doesn’t have me located in this quaint little area during the day. Throughout the day, I’m situated in malls or outlet malls, which do not have nearly the same offerings when it comes to food. I was actually shocked at the limited choices when it came to picking up lunch throughout the day. I wasn’t going to let this stop me though- I needed to eat, and I need creative solutions, fast. It wasn’t an ideal scenario, but there were a few ways to navigate through my food choices that week.

  1. There are 2 Publix grocery stores in St Augustine. Timing only allowed for one grocery shop unfortunately but I was able to pick up some fresh fruit, veggies and hummus and some gluten free crackers.
  2. Starbucks was actually a great resource on this trip. Each morning, we did drive through for coffee and I picked up a protein box to snack on. There are other options to choose from at Starbucks too, but try to limit the amount of breakfast sandwiches you’re going for. They’re loaded with sodium and some of the ones with meat and cheese are way higher in calories that you need to start your day.
  3. I found a smoothie shop in the mall I was working in. They had almond milk and pea protein on the substitution options, so I was able to create vegan and dairy free smoothies that still had enough nutrients to make up a meal. If you can find a Jamba Juice or a local smoothie bar, this makes a great meal on the go
  4. Finally, we did get to enjoy some of the local restaurants for our dinners. One of the places we actually went to twice on this trip was Ice Plant. Ice Plant is a farm to table restaurant and bar which is open for lunch and dinner. What I love about this place is that they serve grass-fed beef and burgers, local seafood, with vegetarian options and daily specials. The most interesting part about this restaurant is that it’s housed in an old ice plant (hence the name). The decor is an ode to the original architecture, so you feel like you’re taking a trip back in time. Not to mention, they made all of their juices, syrups and bitters in house, so if you like a good cocktail, you’re in for a treat!

Adventure number 1 is complete, and the next one is already booked! Stay tuned, I’ll be hitting the road for my next small town adventure in just a few weeks!

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