Healthy Holiday Survival Tips

Happy thanksgiving weekend to all the Canadians out there! For the first time in many years, I have NO dinner to attend or host! I know, crazy right?

I may be one of the only people without big thanksgiving plans. Holiday meals and weekends are often a time filled with family and food, but can also be challenging if you’re trying to make healthy food choices.

The Holidays don’t have to be daunting- they can be fully enjoyable and still packed with all the foods you love! It’s all about navigating your food choices with mindfulness and awareness, while remembering to enjoy yourself. After all, it’s still the holidays, which means a time to celebrate!

I’ve included a few tips to get you through this (or any!) holiday weekend

First, the food! If you’re hosting, load up on healthy sides! They’re filling, delicious and packed with nutrients. This also works as a guest- before digging in to the mains, scout out the healthy side dishes! There are usually tons and tons of options, but veggies will fill you up and give you the added benefits of vitamins and minerals. Traditionally, you’ll see lots of sweet potato, which is perfect to satisfy your sweet tooth. If it’s a casserole, eat the filling, but try to avoid the sugary crust. Most Holiday tables comes equipped with one or two green veggies, and a salad, so those are always safe bets. If you’re hosting, you can add a quinoa or rice side dish- these are filling, gluten free, and still nutritious.

Secondly, comes awareness. Eat until you’re full, then stop. I know that seems like an obvious statement, but try it. The biggest challenge during the holidays is overeating. The food is there and it’s delicious. Listen to your body- eat slowly and allow yourself to fill up. Chew your food before going for that next mouthful. Avoid picking at the leftovers on the table, once the meal is done. This will prevent consistent over eating at your holiday meals

Finally, enjoy desserts, but moderate. If there are several things you want to eat, take small portions of each, or treat yourself to one bigger portion of a favourite. There’s no need to deprive yourself, but also no need to gorge.

Most important holiday tip- have fun! Enjoy the time with your friends and family. Put your phone away, be present, enjoy and be thankful.

Happy holidays everyone!

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