Fridge Makeover- 3 things to be aware of!

I ask, you replied, fridge and pantry makeovers coming soon! I’ll guide you through the tips and tricks of a healthy space and show you some of the foods that are commonly found in most homes that most people don’t even realize can be bad for them.

To kick off the series a few fridge makeover tips!

1. Be aware of sauces! Most bottled sauces are loaded up with sodium and sugar to add flavour. A tablespoon of barbecue sauce for example contains 6 g of sugar. On its own, not terrible, but without realizing this can seriously up your sugar intake for the day. Try to clear out as many of these processed sauces as possible. When buying bottled sauces, check ingredients and nutrition facts before committing to your purchase.

Flavour tip! Replace sauces with spices and fresh herbs. They have added nutritional value and add flavour without empty calories.

2. Fruit juices. These are also very high in sugar. They can be good for you when consumed in moderation, but again check ingredients. Try to buy organic juices or juices not from concentrate. That will control the amount and quality of your sugar intake. The best bet? Swap for water

3. Processed meats. While these are easy grabs and quick lunch options, processed meats are filled with sodium, preservatives like nitrates and lots of fat. Try as much as possible to substitute processed meats with the real deal- roasted chicken, turkey and even roast beef are all great options

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