Expo Manger Sante

What do you get when you take all things healthy eating and put them in one room? Heaven right? Well yes, but you also get the Expo Manger Santé et Vivre Vert! This healthy eating expo took place in both Quebec City and Montreal, and had a series of exhibitors, activities, demos, conferences, and tastings. The goal of the event is to promote organic products, ecology and global health with a mission to increase awareness about the importance of our eating habits and lifestyles in relation to our health and the environment. Since these are all of the things I’m researching daily, I figured why not check out an event that has everything I’m looking for, all in one place!

I decided to go to the event very last minute, and if I could change anything, I would have planned my time out a little better. I spent most of my time exploring the different vendor booths, but I missed out on the demos and conferences. I should have taken my time to see what was happening on the three days of the event and then planned out my day to fit in some of the speakers and activities. Note to self for next year!

Despite having missed out on some of the more educational components of the expo, I definitely didn’t miss out on learning. Having over 280 health food vendors set up all in one place gave me a great opportunity to discover a few new brands, as well as try some brands I’ve been looking into, but wasn’t sure where to find in Montreal. All of the vendors were incredibly friendly, knowledgeable about their product and (the best part) had samples to try! All of the vendors also had deals on their products, so it was worth it to pick up a few things.

I could have done some real damage, but held back and decided to try only 2 brands that I have been wanting to test out- Dose Juice and Le Grand Pouvoir des Plantes. Dose Juice is a Montreal based cold pressed juice company, that actually had a few flavours that sounded interesting to me. (I’m not usually a juicing kind of girl). Le Grand Pouvoir des Plantes makes organic, GMO free, gluten free, no sugar or preservative added, sulfite free pestos, sauces, soups and chilis! I’m in the process of tasting everything out, but reviews to come soon on both brands!

The expo also had a lot of Montreal’s health food stores and restaurants on site. This was a great opportunity for people to discover where they can go in the city to either get a vegan meal, or pick up all of their organic goods in one grocery shop. Some of the restaurants and health food stores on site included Aux Vivres, Comptoir Crux, Copperbranch and Rachelle Beri.

All in all I think this expo is a really great opportunity for people to get out and explore healthy food. There is a lot of education to be had and having experts on site and accessible allows people to ask questions and field concerns. I would definitely recommend checking out this event next year, whether you’re a health buff, or just someone interested in food!



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