At Home Arm Workout

I do this set as part of one of my weekly classes, but it’s easily translatable to a home workout. If you’re looking for a bit more arm definition, this is a great combo to do as part of your regular gym workout, or at home at night while you’re watching TV. All you need is two weights, and some floor space!

[wpvideo gVuQNQ5o]

  • Set 1- 8 quick side arm rows
  • Set 2- 8 slow side arm rows
  • Set 3- 10 push ups (full or on your knees)

Repeat the entire sequence 3-5 times

Yes, it’s that simple! And if you keep it up regularly, it’s effective! I see the changes in my arms from doing this as a part of my routine. To continue challenging yourself, as the routine gets easier for you, increase the size of the weights, or change the kind of push up you’re doing (move to full push ups if you’re on your knees, or try to hold the push up at the bottom for a few seconds before coming back up again.)

**I am not a trainer. This is a just a workout I enjoy doing and have seen positive results with. Be careful when trying something out for the first time. Listen to your body so you don’t get hurt

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