A little resistance!

The best piece of workout equipment for me is one that’s small but packs a mean punch.  SInce I travel a lot for work, I need something that can fit into a carry on bag if needed without flagging airport security as a potential weapon- they tend to frown on trying to bring weights through security. There aren’t a ton of options that fit into this category without being bulky or heavy but I was able to find something that fit all my criteria. I rediscovered resistance bands. I had used them in some of the classes at my gym, but it had never occurred to me what an amazing and versatile piece of equipment they could be. They’re small so they don’t take up a lot of room in an apartment, and they’re light so they travel well. Having a few bands at home with different resistances allows you to add a bit of a kick to at home squats or even allows you to do a variety of arm workouts without having to store clunky weights.

What I really love is that they aren’t an expensive investment. You can find full sets on Amazon for under $50! You can also buy a smaller set (with 3 bands for example) for around $20. You can always get a smaller set to try them out, and add on if you do end up liking them.

If you’re not as comfortable or familiar with using resistance bands, there are a ton of exercises available on the internet. All you have to do is search resistant band workout and tons of videos and how to’s pop up. A great example of a resistance band workout that I found was on the site Tone It Up (link below)


I highly recommend trying it out!

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